Water Quality

This year, we received funding from Inspiring Scotland to commission a water quality study on Loch Ken. The study, which is the first of its kind on Loch Ken, was carried out by Galloway Fisheries Trust.


Loch Ken Trust’s Barney Fryer said… “Throughout this year we are working on our Baseline Ecosystem Assessment Project, trying to find out the state of the Loch Ken ecosystem right now. This will help us figure out how we can start to restore and enhance our natural environment. It’s fantastic to see people from the community coming out to get involved. “

A community water sampling event was held at the Ken Bridge. Alyx Rhodes and Emilie Wardhaugh from Galloway Fisheries Trust demonstrated the water sampling process and the use of sondes.



They also explained the differences in two samples they had collected from opposite sides of the Loch, and what the aquatic invertebrate communities can tell us about the quality of the water.

Alyx said “ “Invertebrate communities can reflect the quality of water due to the different tolerances to different conditions, from the samples collected it is already clear that there is a difference between the East and West Side”

To read the full report please click on the link below

Loch Ken Water Quality Report