Boat Registration

Loch Ken Trust operate a boat registration scheme for all craft being taken on Loch Ken with an engine of any type, including electric outboards.
You can register at the Loch Ken Holiday Park.

Proof of valid insurance must be shown for all boats with engines over 6hp.

​How To Register Your Boat

Boat registrations can be done in person at

Loch Ken Holiday Park


Castle Douglas


April – September

Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 9am-4pm

Please phone or email before arrival to make arrangements

01644 470282                 email:


Boat registration is carried out by appointment only. Please phone or email to arrange.

​Boat Registration Fees – 2024


Annual registration fee


Yellow registration sticker (required for new registrations)


Hard display boards for inflatables


Public slipway key (if this is your launch point) 



Daily registration boards (per day)



Daily registration boards + public slipway key

First day



Additional days


Returnable deposit required for short-term registrations:


Registration only


Registration + public slipway key