Beata Kucinski-Thomson


Beata, Scottish born and raised by the Clyde, moved to Dumfries and Galloway in 2012 with her army husband. She studied at the University of Plymouth and the University of Kent, earning a BSc (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation and a MSC in Environmental Conservation.

In 2017 she and her husband moved to the Glenkens, with their one year old son, and their family grew to four with the arrival of the daughter. Beata is extremely passionate about the natural world, and raises her children to have a deep connection to the environment around them. Beata lives and breathes the outdoors….hillwalking, trail running, climbing, canoeing and wild camping. Her kids have been raised both, on the banks of and on, the Water of Ken and Loch Ken., canoeing and swimming (with their dogs in tow). As a result, she values the waterways and the surrounding area of the Glenkens, not only for her family, but for wildlife and local communities. As a conservationist, she volunteers with the Scottish Wildlfe Trust, and is a committee member for the local group. She is also a Wildlife Watch Leader providing nature based learning for children.

Beata is an advocate for young people, and believes that they should feel empowered in their community. She recently took the position as lead youth worker for the Glenkens Youth Group, and she aspires to provide young adults with opportuies in the area, helping them become self confident individuals. She is also a wildlife artist, and the landscape and wildlife around her is a big inspiration for her.