Loch Ken Plan

Part of our purpose at Loch Ken Trust is, ‘…to support sustainable local communities.’ 

This means that we need to think beyond just the needs of today.  We need to think about what kind of future we want to build.

The Loch Ken Plan is our attempt to do just that.


The public consultation on the Loch Ken Plan is now open and will run until Monday 13th September


Step One – Read the Members’ Consultation draft of the Plan

Earlier this year we consulted our Members with a draft of the Loch Ken Plan.  To be able to respond to the public consultation, it is essential that you read this draft first.

Click on the image to read the draft (Please note that the survey link in this document takes you to the now-closed survey for the members consultation.  To respond to the public consultation you need to use the link on this page, below)

Step Two – Fill in the Short Survey

Click on the link below and complete the short form to give us your views. 

Loch Ken Plan – survey


That’s it!  You’re all done.

Thank you for helping to shape the Loch Ken Plan.

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